Embrace the Journey of Life

Hella is used to express something that is extreme or to define a large number or amount of something. In my case, Hella stands for my name. I often get asked, what is your “real” name and I smile and say: Hella. That is my name. Hella is who I am.

My friends say that I am a free spirited, kind and humble young professional who follows her dreams and intentions.  I truly believe in Karma and in the good of most people. I believe in sharing good to spread more awareness of mindfulness and love/self-love.  Two of my biggest passions are Travel and Yoga. Travel – because I love seeing the world. I would rather not buy that pair of yoga pants and instead book a ticket to go somewhere new and explore. I appreciate the connections I build and create while I travel. I wholeheartedly believe that we create our lives and I ALWAYS wanted to TRAVEL, EXPLORE and DISCOVER this beautiful place we live on named MOTHER EARTH.

Yoga – I am very passionate about teaching. I always found myself tutoring or taking teaching jobs in school. I felt a very rewarding sensation when my students told me that they passed a test or they understood the task. I didn’t see myself moving forward as an educational teacher which led me to Yoga. Now I believe that we are all students together. We learn from each other. We give to each other. Yoga to me is a combination of Art and Science. It is the architectural beauty of our bodies. The movement of our bodies and breath create an expression and language that says so much more than our words.

I am a E-RYT 200 and RYT 500 certified Yoga Teacher. I completed the 300 hour teacher training with Noah Maze in Los Angeles in November 2016.  The experience and training with Noah and his team has enriched my life with so much profound knowledge of the body, the Asana, the Hindu culture as well as myself. I commit to be a student forever. To allow myself to grow. To learn. To listen. To be.

I teach a variety of styles. I like an energetic Vinyasa class that focuses on connecting the breath to each movement, opening up the body through the physical asana (poses) and using the breath throughout the flow to unify the efforts of the Yogi just as much as an alignment based and focus pose class. The beauty of Yoga and our practice is that we can define and adjust as needed. Allow yourself to connect to all of that what you are and feel each in-breath and out-breath.

It is the connection between the 2 opposites that brings calmness, stillness, mindfulness and much more into your life.

I cheerily instruct my students through an encouraging class, focusing on correct alignment to develop strength, endurance and flexibility, while using the breath to create tapas and purify the body.

Connect to who you are in your practice and listen to your inner guide as that is ALWAYS the real guide.

Yoga has truly become essential in my life. It has given me many beautiful moments of joy and happiness but also moments of dealing with all of that what is within. It has opened doors to new positive opportunities, new friends, and most importantly MY PRACTICE opened my heart. I want to share this passion and love for Yoga with you, knowing it will have many positive affects in your lives as well.

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