An attitude of gratitude brings opportunities.

Hellayoga will take you to Bali…

I am beyond excited to announce my 2nd Yoga retreat to Bali. Bali holds a very special place in my heart. Its a place so lush and full of life which brings profound amounts of happiness and bliss to me. It is the genuine and kind energy which is spread all over the island.  Its an experience of a life time. Be the creator of your own happiness. For more detailed information and an itinerary please click the RETREAT tab. Come and join me on a beautiful journey through rice fields, get lost in the mystic of temples, breath in the fresh air of the Indian ocean, wander through the streets of Ubud, find yourself surrounded by monkeys and elephants during our safari and so much more.



 Come to India with Hellayoga in November 2016….

It is finally here, the itinerary for the very first Hellayoga India Retreat this November. India has inspired me. It has taught me different views on events in life. It showed me how to feel true happiness for the very little things in life. Simplicity and beauty in various ways all around. My heart was open to receive. My mind was ready to absorb all of that what my eyes took in. With that being said, I am beyond excited about my upcoming India Yoga retreat this November. Please read more about the itinerary under the RETREAT tab.


Create the symphony of life.

In our strive for health, happiness, peace, contentment and unity, we need a practice to keep us grounded and focused on our goals, yet flexible to the different rhythms of life. I am currently a student at the Noah Maze Yoga school in LA, CA where I am in the process of completing my 500 hour teacher training. This experience and training has enriched my life with so much profound knowledge of the body, the asana and Hindu culture and believes that I am looking forward of sharing with you.

I teach a variety of styles. I like an energetic Vinyasa class that focuses on connecting the breath to each movement, opening up the body through the physical asana (poses) and using the breath throughout the flow to unify the efforts of the Yogi just as much as an alignment based and focus pose class. The beauty of Yoga and our practice is that we can define and adjust as needed. Allow yourself to connect to all of that what you are and feel each in-breath and out-breath. It is the connection between the 2 opposites that brings calmness, stillness, mindfulness and more more into our lives. Create a play of peacefulness while connecting with your body during your asana practice.

I cheerily instruct my students through an encouraging class, focusing on correct alignment to develop strength, endurance and flexibility, while using the breath to create tapas and purify the body.

It’s fun to flow and go at the pace our personal breathing creates.  The real guide is always the inner guide. Connecting to that guidance moment to moment ensures a fulfilling experience during your asana practice.

Yoga has truly become essential in my life. It has given me many beautiful moments of joy and happiness but also moments of dealing with all of that what is within. It has opened doors to new positive opportunities, new friends, and most importantly MY PRACTICE opened my heart. I want to share this passion and love for Yoga with you, knowing it will have many positive affects in your lives as well.