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World Wonder #4: Great Wall of China, Beijing during a 7 hour layover and how it is doable

I sat on a plane on my way to Beijing, China. My body was in and out of sleep. My heart was excited for the next adventure to come. In only 2 hours I was scheduled to arrive in Beijing where I had my next trip waiting for me. I remember waking up once the […]

Hellayoga in LA Yoga Magazine, April Edition 2016

Stick to your dreams. Be ambitious. Trust. And believe in yourself! Be patient. LA Yoga wrote an article about the In – Room Yoga program I designed for Marriott International. My heart is jumping for joy. Check out the article below: LA Yoga Magazine Front Cover LA Yoga In Room Yoga with Hellayoga

My travel bliss…

~My LIFE ~ My Sanctuary ~ My Happiness~ Follow my journey Once the travel bug bites there is no known antidote. I know that I shall be happily infected forever; as I believe that travel is more than the seeing of sights. It is the change that goes on deep and permanent in my ideas […]

Home is where I travel….

Home - A desire so strong within my heart that I need to follow….. Traveling is something so special to me. It is the connection I create with myself as I am constantly moving and exploring. It is the feeling I have within that I don’t get by being stagnant in one place. It is the connection […]

Hellayoga in Hotel Business Magazine, March Edition 2016

I am beyond excited to share with you a recent article in the Hotel Business magazine about a program I created for Marriott International. It has been a beautiful and exciting journey since the program rolled out. My heart is full of gratitude about the feedback I received and seeing myself in the Hotel Business […]


I love to teach Yoga….

I just came home from teaching a great energetic Vinyasa Flow at one of my favorite places here in San Diego. A classroom full of spirits who are dedicated and ready to learn and grow within their practice as well as off their mat. The classroom was packed. I sat down on my mat to […]