I love to teach Yoga….


I just came home from teaching a great energetic Vinyasa Flow at one of my favorite places here in San Diego. A classroom full of spirits who are dedicated and ready to learn and grow within their practice as well as off their mat.

The classroom was packed. I sat down on my mat to welcome the 13 sets of eyes  who were looking eager at me to get started. It didnt take long and the windows started to  fog up. A sense of heat was cultivated within a few moments into class.  I saw the faces of my students relieve tension and discomfort. Smiles started to pop up and there was no better way for me than finishing my Monday night like that.

I enjoy teaching Yoga. In fact, I  enjoy guiding my students through their practice. Yoga has been a true joy for me. It has brought many new people into my live. I am endlessly grateful for the opportunity to teach and share my gift. 

As I hear often from people: “You always brighten up the room when you walk in”, “You radiate happiness and positivity”, “You are always so happy” and I can keep going. But the truth is, when I hear those comments, they make my day. Not just because it is a compliment, but furthermore, I was able to change that persons day around. If someone says to me I radiate happiness, that means they felt happy, right?! So it puts a smile on my heart. And thats how I feel when I teach Yoga. The smiles my students have after class are priceless and I am grateful for each and everyone of them. 

What are you passionate and grateful about?

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