Home is where I travel….

Home - A desire so strong within my heart that I need to follow…..

Traveling is something so special to me. It is the connection I create with myself as I am constantly moving and exploring. It is the feeling I have within that I don’t get by being stagnant in one place. It is the connection between the unknown and known while traveling. The moments I explore with a tingling in my stomach. It is the moments of joy where the tingling turns into rushes of happiness and excitement for that what I explored and witnessed. I absorb all that which surrounds me with my eyes which transfers into my heart, mind and soul. It sparks an excitement to keep the movement going. A movement of travel! A movement of culture! A movement of which I just can’t get enough. I ask myself if it is the connection with like minded bohemian wanderers who travel and find their homes on the road or if it is the connection with places which I call home? I am here now! I am absolutely present in that what I am experiencing and my heart feels content. This is in this very moment-today! How am I going to feel tomorrow or even in an hour?

I wonder if the desire to pack my bags, get on a plane and travel will ever slow down ? How is it in reality that my mind and heart keep feeling the strong desire to travel? Am I a seeker of finding exactly that what I don’t know yet? Is it my purpose to travel? To be! To find who I am in the midst of a jungle, a tropical beach or on the roads in India?

There is not going to be a person to tell me what to do and what is right or wrong. There will only be the person to tell me that it is radical and lonely. But within my heart-I am not lonely. I feel content! I am happy! I am fulfilled. The wanderlusting desire of traveling will continue and I know that one day I will find my place I can call home.

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Travel is the medicine I am taking

Once the travel bug bites there is no known antidote. I know that I shall be happily infected forever; as I believe that travel is more than the seeing of sights. It is the change that goes on deep and permanent in my ideas of living. I am feeling eclectically buzzed for the wander lusting experiences which lie in front of me for the rest of my life.

I am getting ready to pack my bags to go on a 5 week adventure through the depths of India, China and Bali. Words don’t do justice to how excited I am for what is lying in front of me. I have ideas on what to do, places I want to see but I am leaving my heart open without expectations of what is to come. The beauty of travel is that you go with it – the path will guide me to the places and people I need to see and meet. Travel is my medicine as I find a deeper meaning of who I am. It might be the challenges, the unknown of not knowing what to expect. The beauty in each place I will visit and see. It is the moments of majesty and beauty which bring the love and light into my heart.

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Happiness is what I find deeply inside me when exploring the parts of the world which I call home. A connection with a place so pure, raw, full of beauty and color, liveliness, love and endless joy for being alive. A connection I build over time in my mind and heart. Anchored deeply inside. Rooted. Strong. Accompanied with a power which overcomes any doubt.

A place made up in my mind. Images created inside the mind. Love cultivated deeply inside my heart. A place I dreamed of existing. A place I was searching for. A place I found myself truly and whom I am. Bali.
The Streets of India

Its the street of the unknown that keeps pulling me back! Back into reality. Back into the simplicity of pure life with loads of happiness and appreciation for all of the little things. I am beyond grateful for the opportunity! My eyes and heart are open!

 Chandi Chowk, Old Delhi, India 2015


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Guangzhou, China, December 2015


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