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Once the travel bug bites there is no known antidote. I know that I shall be happily infected forever; as I believe that travel is more than the seeing of sights. It is the change that goes on deep and permanent in my ideas of living. I am feeling eclectically buzzed for the wanderlusting experience which lies in front of me – LIFE is truly a celebration of HAPPINESS.

Beauty in its rawest form ~ Taj Mahal, Agra, India


Body language speaks a million words ~ Jama Masjid mosque, New Delhi, India

IMG_1521 - Copy

The beauty of simplicity ~ Somewhere in Old Delhi, India


The magic of finding stillness ~ Ulun Danu Temple, Bali, Indo

IMG_1518 - Copy

The taste of life ~ Besakih Temple and Volcano Agung, Bali, Indo


What is your reflection of life? ~ Kubah, Bali, Indo


An open heart equals endless opportunity ~ a beautiful place in Bali, Indo


Majestic ~ Taj Mahal, Agra, India


Home is a definition we each make our own of ~ Sanur, Bali, Indo


Stillness ~ Guangzhou, China



Believe in your dreams! With the right amount of dedication, energy, love and support – DREAMS BECOME REALITY.



The one who takes a risk will grow in strength, self-love and life. Fear holds us back from exploring what life has to offer. Conquer it! Breathe! Trust yourself in what you do. It is the journey to the goal which might always be in the center of where we are hoping to go but it is each step that brings us closer.


Stillness allows us to reflect on the gifts and beauty we have in life. Acknowledge that what is already in front of you.


Life is a celebration of Happiness.


Yoga on stage with The Destroyers at Surfing Madonna, Encinitas 2015. Sponsor: prAna.



My happy place is the ocean. It leave me feeling balanced, relaxed and joyful. What is your happy place? What puts a smile into your heart?


I am absolutely in love this beach in Bali. It is honestly a hidden gem and thanks to the locals I was able to find this beautiful place of pure rawness and peacefulness. It is the perfect spot for a Yoga session.

Beach Yoga with Hellayoga in San Diego, CA. Living the California dream and lifestyle. The ocean is my front yard and the beach my second home.  Check out my schedule and drop in for a class at the beach. Unite with the elements of the Earth.

Hellayoga at the Yoga Barn in Ubud, Bali


Hellayoga at Big Ben, London, UK *Reversed Warrior


Open your heart to the beauty of the life.

hella yoga

Finding my inner balance. Breathe. *Bakasana/ Crow Pose


I love to SEE the world upside down. What about you? *Sirasana/ Headstand


Hellayoga teaching Yoga at Surfing Madonna 5/10 K in Encinitas, CA, Sponsor: prAna clothing


Taking Yoga off the mat and exploring the streets of Berlin, Germany



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